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about US

Gospel Lighthouse started in a house in 1985. The first pastor's of Gospel Lighthouse did an awesome job in getting the work started and passing the baton to the next pastor.  The second pastor was here until the early 1990's. In the early 1990's Reverend Douglas and Lavern West became the pastors.  The church was growing tremendously.  Reverend West prayed about building a new church, so he began building a new church. He stayed on as Pastor until 2004 and then  Reverend West passed the baton.  The fourth pastor, pastored here until May 2019.  The church is now in a bigger metal building that was built in 2008. As Gospel Lighthouse has seen many God moments through out its history, and it is still standing and striving to win souls for Jesus after all these years.


In 2019, Pastor Marylin West Pratt and husband William Pratt stepped up to help Gospel Lighthouse keep pushing forward and winning souls for the kingdom of God.  Gospel Lighthouse is to build the kingdom of God, through loving God, loving people, growing people, and equipping people for the kingdom of God.  We are called to be kingdom builders.  Gospel Lighthouse is a family that believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

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